Scar Camouflage |Shaved Look |Thickening Effect


Scar Camouflage

Chicks dig scars, but maybe you don't. Scalp microigmentation is a wonderful way to subdue the appearence of scars without any surgery. We have helped thousands of clients hide their scars by going over the tissue itself, making the contrast dissapear. With Ahead Ink, you will look your very best.


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Shaved Look

The shaved head look is both trendy and timeless. An advantage over completely shaved is the relative low maintenance and irritation. If you have spots that break up the buzz, Ahead Ink offers temporary hair replication through a proven revolutionary pigmentation technique to help both men and women look their very best.


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Thickening Effect

Touch-ups help. If you want to keep your hair, you may feel that thin spots in your hair blight your look. At Ahead Ink, we are masters of blending your exposed scalp with your own hair. Do not comb-over, Call us instead!


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