Bald Just Got Beat
Temporary Scalp Micropigmentation


AHEAD INK is a Temporary/Non-permanent Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic serving the New York/Tri-State area. We are dedicated to performing modern, highly refined Tricopigmentation using Beauty Medical/Milena Lardi brand training and equipment.
AHEAD INK offers three specialized services: Shaved Look, Thickening Effect, and Scar Camouflage. Our popular Shaved Look procedure features completely natural-looking hairline design which is custom tailored to fit your needs. It also eliminates the appearance of a thinning crown. Our Thickening Effect procedure creates the illusion of denser hair for both natural hair and hair transplant clients. And finally, our Scar Camouflage procedure conceals scarring from accidents as well as hair transplant surgeries (both strip/FUSS and FUE).
AHEAD INK takes pride in providing clients a clean, relaxing, private setting with modern amenities. Our goal is to make you look great while feeling comfortable in the process!


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Ahead Ink's Owner/Lead Technician, Erik Cavagnuolo, was trained by Milena Lardi in 2012 and is fully certified by Beauty Medical to perform temporary Scalp Micropigmentation (aka Tricopigmentation). Erik specializes in designing natural and aesthetic hairlines using the world's most modern, highly refined techniques and equipment.

  • Ahead Ink Reviews: Greg

    I went out to dinner with my friends from Florida, who I haven't seen. He said "Hey man, I thought you went bald. Your hair is like perfect. Who does your edge up?" Hahaha. Can't thank you enough Erik. ...

  • Ahead Ink Reviews: Tom

    I am really enjoying this and you did a great job. I can whole heartedly and with total honesty be a referral. I am liking the look and realism, thanks again. ...

  • Ahead Ink Reviews: Victor

    This girl at the supermarket asked me why I shaved my head. She said "Dude, you look like you would look nice with your hair grown in."  It's quite mind blowing, Erik you're incredible, thanks so much I'm very happy. ...

  • Ahead Ink Reviews: Steve

    I had two workers come up to me last week asking if I was growing my hair back....

  • Ahead Ink Reviews: William

    I went to work for the first time without concealer in my hair!...

  • Ahead Ink Reviews: Mike

    Hey Erik, I'm really enjoying this.  I'm liking the look and realism....